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Microinjection robot

For injection of compounds, protein, DNA, gRNA, etc. in the chorion, yolk or first cell of zebrafish eggs.

Quick facts

Suitable for zebrafish eggs
Air-pressure injection
Deep learning for automatic detection of injection position
On-site training included
Up to 1000 eggs in 25 minutes


  • Using a mould a grid of wells is formed in agarose, in a special grid holder plate (included and reusable). There are multiple choices of moulds available, depending on your application. E.g. 1024 wells, 9 times 100 wells, 60 times 7 wells, etc.
  • Eggs are collected, and are placed into the wells using a small brush (3-5 min)
  • The glass pulled needle is filled and the plate is placed in the robot.
  • The user can select the injection program to inject part of( eg 100 eggs) or the whole plate (eg 1000 eggs) automatically in the chorion, yolk or first cell*.
  • Injection speed is around 1000 eggs in 25 minutes.


It is possible to inject in other organisms or samples, please ask about the possibilities for your application of interest.


The video below shows microinjections in zebrafish eggs, where the injection position is determined by deep-learning software.

Pricing and ordering

Based on your request and application there are different options available that will affect the price. Therefore, pricing information is only available on request. Academic discount is available, and the purchase includes on-site installation and two days of training. Commercial use requires a yearly license and service contract.

For ordering or more information, please contact us here.


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