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Dispensing and sorting robot for small aquatic organisms

For dispensing and sorting of small (0.1-10 mm) aquatic organisms, such as zebrafish, medaka, Hyalella Azteca, etc.

Quick facts

Suitable for small aquatic organisms
Deep learning for automatic sorting
Attendance not required
3-8 seconds per sample


  • A source and destination plate are placed in the machine (1,6,12,24,48,96 well plate)
  • A pre-trained protocol is selected, e.g. sort fertilized eggs, male or female organisms, etc.
  • And using a single button the robot is started to dispense or sort.
  • Typical speed is 3-8 seconds per sample.
  • It is also possible to fill a plate with a set amount of medium per well.


It is possible to dispense and sort other types of samples, please ask about the possibilities for your application of interest.


Gender-based sorting of Hyalella Azteca in a prototype of the sorting machine.

Pricing and ordering

Based on your request and application there are different options available that will affect the price. Therefore, pricing information is only available on request. Academic discount is available, and the purchase includes on-site installation and two days of training. Commercial use requires a yearly license and service contract.

For ordering or more information, please contact us here.


Utilization of a Gender-Based Sorting Machine for Crustacean Selection in Bioconcentration Studies with the Freshwater Amphipod Hyalella aztecaCéline Le Cocq, Elsa Paiva, Alaa Bensetra, Jan De Sonneville, Kees-Jan Van der Kolk, David Lejon, Marie-Laure Teisseire, Marc Léonard and Cyril SweetloveEnvironmental Toxicology