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Life Science Methods is a privately owned company, founded in 2011 by Jan de Sonneville after completion of a PhD at Leiden University. Aim was to further develop and sell injection robots for biological research. Challenges brought by researchers at Leiden University as well as other (prospective) clients are used to generate new directions for future research and development.
Kees-Jan van der Kolk joined the company in 2018 and became partner in 2020.
Dr. Yi Ding joined as PostDoc in 2022.

Aim and values

We sell the application, not only the device
The aim of Life Science Methods is to automate repetitive tasks in the biological laboratory. This results in robotic equipment that can be purchased for specific applications. By selling robots for specific applications we are committed to make sure that the user can perform the application of interest with the robot as easy as possible, with a predicted quality, efficiency and throughput.

We offer the raw data, and all data manipulation algorithms
Data is more valuable when the data processing pipeline is fully transparent. Therefore, we not only offer the raw data, but we also publish, and share the source code that we use to improve recorded data. Sometimes, we also publish used methodology or part of the robot control pipeline.

Robot design, machine learning, robot control and the user interface are our IP
Developing robotics for dedicated tasks is time consuming, and requires many iteration steps to be successful. Together with clients we design the minimal required interaction, and based on feedback, we can improve your user experience. We use your experience and feedback to improve our technology, in return we offer you the best user experience, and customized control on your device where needed. We consider control of the robot, and all steps required to perform a task, including imaging or recorded data for purpose of control, our IP. Source code that is used for the user interface and control of the robot is closed to keep our advantage towards competing products.

New application ideas
When you share ideas for new applications, we can discuss the possibility of automation or addition of tasks to the purchased robot. When no new hardware is required, we will try to update the software to add tasks of interest (free of charge). Also, we will remove functionality when it is not used, to keep a minimal user interface. As developing applications requires a lot of time investment on our side we can only do this when we can offer the same application(s) to new clients. This means that if you like to protect your application idea, need an exclusivity period to be able to patent or like to co-develop IP, please let us know upfront or do not share with us.