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Imaging robot for small aquatic organisms

For imaging of e.g. zebrafish, Medaka or other small aquatic organisms.

Quick facts

Suitable for small aquatic organisms
Built-in microscope
Deep learning for automatic handling
Attendance not required
~2 min per sample
Not available in the USA


  • A source and destination plate are placed in the machine (1,6,12,24,48,96 well plate).
  • One or more orientations (e.g. dorsal, ventral, lateral) and regions of interest are selected.
  • The whole plate, or one or more samples or wells are selected, as well as the mode(s) of imaging, e.g. brightfield, fluorescent colors.
  • Using a single button all selected samples will be imaged as fast as possible.


Depending on your application of interest a selection of optics are included in your setup.

At this moment we offer:

  • Brightfield whole organism imaging
    This mode of imaging uses telecentric illumination and detection. This choice offers the highest depth of field, such that one imaging plane is often sufficient, and the highest imaging speed can be obtained.
  • Epi-fluorescent imaging
    In addition to brightfield imaging, an epi-fluorescent imaging module can be added in a perpendicular arrangement. High-magnification objectives with high-NA water immersion are used obtain the highest resolution, brightness and imaging speed possible. We offer up to five colours of fluorescence and use LED sample illumination. Possible magnifications: 2, 4, 16, 25X.
  • Tomography
    Within a region of interest, multiple rotations can be selected for automated imaging. This can overcome the limitations of background luminescence in epi-fluorescent microscopy for some applications, or offer possibilities for 3D reconstruction or certain areas or organs.


Below is a demonstration of an early prototype.

Pricing and ordering

Based on your request and application there are different options available that will affect the price. Therefore, pricing information is only available on request. Academic discount is available, and the purchase includes on-site installation and two days of training. Commercial use requires a yearly license and service contract.

For ordering or more information, please contact us here.

Note: this product is not available in the USA.